Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Verse/saying/empowerment Memorization box

You will need:
  • Paper (pretty paper is essential)
  • digital cutter (I have a zing but anything that takes an SVG file is great)
  • laminator ( I am using a hot laminator which makes laminating just part of the project at a time easier)
  • baby buttons and applicator (these are the snaps that you put on baby diapers) 
  • 2 tiny brads

Lately I have been trying to memorize verses of scripture on my walks and I am making a box for all the ones I have memorized so that I can keep track and keep them fresh. I am going to resurrect a file from last year and see if I can remember how to put it together.

I made this version last year for a group of ladies in an AA group. The front of the tiny index cards had a motivational saying that came from different AA pinterest boards and then the back had a verse from the bible that supported it or was in a similar vein. I included the files for these below (as well just in case you can use them).

So I wanted to pick some awesome paper. But the truth of the matter is that I am not very good at co-ordinating prints and plain, or really any two papers. So I am going to go into one of my scrapbooking value pads that I got at michaels and see if I can pick two papers that will look nice together. Well that didn't go well. So maybe I will see something I like on pinterest and translate it with the papers I have available. Well the first picture I fell in love with on pinterest was this one:

Stamping with Loll: The ornament above is cut from an acetate sheet (you could also use acetate packaging from your craft supplies).  Alcohol inks work great on acetate.  Even though the tip of the alcohol inks is really small, I found that it flowed too quickly and was always getting more than I needed.  So I started by adding just two drops of AIs.  Then to get some more colours, but with less ink, I squirted a few drops onto my parchment paper, and picked up the colour with my fingers (with:

 I love the royal blue watercolour. I have been liking a lot of watercolors lately and I think I will continue. So off I go to make watercolour designs in adobe elements. A few years ago I bought a design collection set. and it includes a bunch of watercolour washes/textures. I am going to bring one into Adobe elements and darken it up like the picture above and then I am going to put a lace trim on it. Here is the wash I am starting with:

 I opened it in Adobe Elements (I have version 6) then I go under the Enhance menu, and choose adjust color and then adjust Hue Saturation (Enhance > Adjust Color > Adjust Hue Saturation). I turned up Saturation all the way to +95 and then turned down lightness to -46 and I got something I liked:

Now I needed to, I could fix the brownish mark in the lower bottom corner by selecting it and then painting it white. But I don't think I need that part of the picture as I am just going to print this and then cut my box out of it. (The file for the cut is below). Then I have three pieces that look go together like this:

Tack down the two trim pieces with a glue runenr and then put the laminator pouch that you cut around it and send it through the laminator. You don't want the trim pieces that stick out from the main box to be laminated. You may need to laminate multiple times. I bought my pouches from china and a crazy cheap price but I have to laminate more than once to get a really solid stick.

Now we need to add the baby snaps. The way that baby snaps work is that there are 4 pieces in a normal snap. Two of the tack like pieces and one doughnut piece and one backing piece. Here is a pic of these pieces:

From top left going in clockwise order: doughnut piece, backing piece and two tack like pieces.

So there are tiny holes punched on the top and bottom of the verse box. We are going to put a tack like piece through (from the front of the box) on the rounded end. Like this:

And then on the back of that tack you slide the backing piece on and then put it in the snap pliers and you have the first half of the snap completed.

Then on the square end of the box we are going to put the other half of the snaps.  The tack-like piece punches through the tiny hole from the back and then the doughnut like piece goes on the side with the heart border. Put it in the pliers and squeeze. Snap it to the top to ensure that it snaps closed. Occasionally (1 in 150 snaps I have done) you will not get a good snap and have to replace part.

Now this next part is a bit tricky. We are going to fold up the accordion fold on the box and it is going to look kind of like this.

Now the final part is to use a couple tiny brads to secure the side closures. These are the brads I am choosing. Aren't they so darn cute?

From the front of the front of the box, the tabs on your right are done first. You will connect the tab from the back to the tab from the front with the brad. I add a piece of two sided tape as well to make the brad placement a little easier.

Then the tabs on the left will have three tabs to connect. there will be two tabs from the back and one from the front. I sandwich the tab connected to the rectangle between the tab from the back and the tab from the front. :


The final product. Fill with cards

SVG of the verse box with heart trim
SVG of the verse card
MTC of the verse box with heart trim

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