Sunday, October 2, 2016

Pokemon Go Birthday Card

I made this very awesome card for my husband for his birthday. The front of the card looks like this: 

For those of you who are not pokemon-literate, this is an Onix. So the front says "Have an Onix-pected birthday". The font is pocket monk (if you need to change the words). The key to the pokemon alphabet is that the vowels are small letters and are on tope of the letters around them. So the colours of the letters are: yellow (255,203,0), dark blue (0,58,146), and light blue (129,200,254). Outline each of the yellow letters individually in the dark blue and then make the dark blue outline around the vowels go above the yellow of the letters around it. Here is the SVG of the front: SVG of the front of the card

This is the inside of the card. It is a stacked block pop up card. So print out the card to show the pokemon go background and then cut it out. Here is the SVG: SVG of the inside of the card

This is the cool part. Each of these blocks in the pop up card will have a pokeball stuck to the front of it. The pokeballs are an envelope that will contain a pokemon. In this file I have included koffing, pikachu, dragonite, eevee, gyrados, vaporeon, and snorlax. Some of my husbands favourite pokemon. Feel free to change the pokemon (google has all the pictures). The pokeballs go together very simply. The two black flaps fold over behind the front of the pokeball. I then taped it from the bottom (or the top) so that the pokemon stayed inside. Then I glued the pokeball bottoms (the black and white part) to the top of the pop up block. If you want to get fancy I thought a hinge at the corner would look better than the envelope. So this SVG is a print and cut. Let me know if the cuts are off for you. I have an outline around my pokeballs because it looks better in MTC, if that doesn't work for you let me know. Here is the SVG of the pokeballs: SVG of the pokeball file 

SVG of the front of the card (front)
SVG of the inside of the card (inside)
SVG of the pokeballs (pokeballs)
MTC file for the whole project (MTC file of whole project)

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