Friday, October 7, 2016

Free commercial oven . . . SVG lol

I have a friend who was asking for a commercial oven for her birthday. Umm, I love you my dear, but my budget doesn't stretch that far. So I made her this and put a Starbucks gift card in it for her *addiction.

I think to put the box together is fairly simple. Here is a diagram of where you glue.  The front of the oven tucks into the rest of the box.

The control panel is attached by gluing the tiny tab to the top of the stove and then gluing the larger tab on the back of the oven.

If you want you could also make a muffin holder, but I think with the standard sized muffins you would have to make the oven deeper to fit the cupcake in.

Here are the files:
SVG for the box, handle, oven mitt, burners
SVG for pretty paper to cover box
MTC file for whole project

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