Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fall themed wedding favour bags and Josephine tassel

These were quite fun to put together.

Fall Sunflower seed bag with intricate tassel

As usual I didn't take a picture of the final project but what I really wanted to show you today is how to make the tassel.

In order to make the tassel, you are going to start with 16 lengths of whatever string you are using. If you want a thicker tassel, use more lengths. Here I used kitchen twine. So the length of each piece of twine should be
length of twine= (the length you want for the tassel)*2 + about 5" for the knot.
 We are going to be following this knot type (it is called the Josephine knot):

So here is what it looks like when you are doing it with a group of strings as opposed to just one.

So to start you will split the pieces of twine into two piles (group A is the top one and group B is the bottom one):

Then you will make a loop with group B:

Then you will put group A under both parts of the loop of group B.

 Then group A will go over top the right tail of group B.

Then group A will go underneath the left tail of group B.

But you are going to put Group A over top of the Group B loop.

Now this part is a little tricky as sometimes the strings go amok.  What you are going to do is put the Group A string that is lying on top of the Group B loop, under the Group A beginning  and then over the Group B top of loop.

You are going to tighten the knot by pulling a little bit on each end until the knot becomes a little tighter and eventually forms a tight knot with 4 even tails.

It will look something like this:

Now sometimes you get a rogue string that isn't sitting flat next to it's neighbours. I pull on each individual string in order to tighten the whole knot and make it look uniform.

Tie the base of the head of the tassel and you have an intricate yet rustic tassel.

The intricate tassel finished. The knot is a josephine knot

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